Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Friends

My dear friend Sally just had her first baby... Jaden. Lets see, we have known each other for I would say ten years. Met back in the days of Central Michigan University, when Sal played basketball and I did gymnastics. We both ended up in Virginia in 2001 or so-- and shared an apartment for a couple years before I got married. We hadn't seen each other much since but now she is staying home, so it is great to hang with my Sal. The babies are only one month apart (Sophia older). He is real mellow and hardly ever cries, has the cutest low voice and laughs a lot! She is very wiggly, talks loud, always looking all around. They had fun sharing the toys and seemed curious about the other baby.

Put your vote in my comment if you think Sal needs a blog ! She swore she would never before she had Jaden. But I think she might be reconsidering! (haha Sal)


Anonymous said...

lesli - what cute pics of jaden and "sweet pea". Yes tell sal i would love to see more pictures of her little one:)

Deb said...

ok les - i'm trying to figure out this comment thing:)

Billie said...

Sal needs a blog! love you girlies. wish I was there to hang with you. miss you.

Katherine M. said...

I vote yes. It'd be great to see pictures of Jaden and their family. You both have precious babies. Much love!

The Smith Family said...

Great pics Les...and I am so glad you and sal are getting to hang out again..many great past memories and I pray you girls can make many more with the little ones and the hubbies.
Love you Les!
oh yes, I vote for Sal to start a blog!!!