Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making Great Strides

So we are over the hump on the pooping ! ! ! ! (knock on wood) I caught him in time on thursday... and we made a huge deal. I made up this song--- you mom's can appreciate this: poo-poo on the po- tty (to a congo line tune) and he liked that and sang along and did the train with me around the house. And then does this bow, and says "clap for me momma", which I always do!

To make an even bigger deal I took him that night to Toys R Us to pick a special toy for reward-- ended up getting a small toy train set b/c he likes playing with the one at the store so much. But then friday after school he went in his pants again :( So Wayne stuck to taking the train away, and no watching Johnny Quest on TV with poppy (which he loves). He was very upset; I wanted to cave, but Wayne was firm thank goodness. Because Saturday morning- he told me before he had to go which is HUGE! He would always hide when I wasn't paying attention so I couldn't catch him. We had to take the train away again yesterday afternoon-- but he got it back this morning!!! So I think we are getting there. Never new one could be so happy about pooping !

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