Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Stylin' Mom's Yard Sale--GIVEAWAY!

2 Stylin' moms Yard Sale- Brand Names-- THIS SAT 8-1!!!!

Lots of women's and men's clothing! (under armour, nike, express for .50-$3) Baby boy 0-18months. 3 strollers and some toys. Several high end purses, coach wallet. Polo shirts for $1 each. High end men's suit pants and several jackets. Bath and body/ Victoria's secret. Come and see!! '

Sal and I are having us a yard sale! Wayne keeps giving us a hard time about how we aren't going to make any Christmas Money :) So GUESS how much we are going to make and leave your guess in the comments below. Whoever is closest gets at giftcard for BARNES AND NOBLE ! ! !
Tell your peeps.


Kim said...

I think you will make $82. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!!

Lindsey said...

Maybe $65? Have fun with it!

Paul, Jess, Elise and Baby Boy LeValley said...

I think you'll make $200...have a great time! If I lived near you, I'd come gather some of the boys' clothing as our little guy will arrive any day now! :)

Sal said...

These guesses are WAY LOW!! You know we're gonna clean up. I'm guessing $250 for each of us.

El said...

How did the yard sale go? Did YOU like Twilight? Did you read the books? I loved the books. And yes, natural curl. Like I would have time to curl it if it wasn't! =)

Billie said...

i'm so sorry i missed this post in time to make my guess. sara and i had a sale 2 weeks ago and she didn't even make .25 hee hee we have had about 4 sales this year. wish you crazy girls lived closer and we could all have one together. love ya.