Saturday, March 1, 2008


I was tagged by Ashleigh, So here goes ... do you really read these?

Donuts or bagels? Donut with Luke from "7-11" :)
Noodles or Rice? Lo mein Noodles
Soup or salad? Salad. goat cheese and strawberries is my newest fav
Purse or shoes? My shoes are pretty basic, but I'd say shoes since I rarely buy purses.
Morning or night? Morning as long as it is after 6am.
Summer or winter? Summer for sure. I wish all winter for summer to come back!
Candy or chocolate? Chocolate- dark.
Laundry or dishes? Laundry. Hate dishes- especially really dirty pans.
Flip-flops or tennies? Flip-flops. Love my crocs and sanuks.
Walking or jogging? Walking. This belly won't run. Ha Ha.
Hot chocolate or chocolate milk? Hot chocolate.
Water or juice? Water- or teas
TV shows or movies? American Idol- Go David!
Cats or dogs? Dogs. I dislike and am allergic to cats. They don't like me either.
Diet or reg. soda? None. Other than a coke if I eat lobster- you should try it.
Cake or pie? Cake. Or german choc cheese cake, yummy!
Mountains or beach? Beach for sure.
Pink or blue? Pink
Drama or comedy? Drama. A sap for a love story.
Hamburger or hot dog? Hamburger. Preferably w/ cheese!
McDonald's or Wendy's? McDonald's. luke "I want da burgers mommy"
Football or baseball? Like football but live more than TV. Baseball is too long and boring.
Epidural or natural? Natural- can't be the first in the family to wimp out!
Care bears or my little ponies? Care bears- I loved them
CD or radio? ipod mini.
Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? You pick


Ashleigh said...

Which David are you cheering for on American Idol? Is it the 17-year-old one? He has a great voice!

Les said...

Yes- his voice is so wonderful and he seems humble too!