Saturday, April 18, 2009

Young Chef

Well we had a FULL day, but a fun day! Starting with soccer, then to Luke's Friend Meg's birthday party, then my nephew's wife-to-be Ashley's bridal shower.

Here is Luke with the Birthday Girl, whose dad mentioned more than once that Luke was her "boyfriend"... He insisted on sitting by her, awwwww

He was only one of 2 boys invited, thanks to his smashing personality he always makes the girls invite list. Isn't that funny?
Thankfully he did pretty well with staying in his chair and didn't get too silly until after the cake- when I could blame it on the sugar!

They each made their own pizza :) It was yummy too!

Cutest chef I've ever seen!
Sweeters was in fine form too making friends with everyone and showing off her almost walking skills :)

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Shanda said...

My daughter had her last birthday at the Young Chef's Academy! She & her friends had a blast!