Tuesday, April 7, 2009

there for me

All last week I was feeling overwhelmed with this working nights... trying my best to stay positive but it is hard to stay awake all night on a regular basis. At a point it feels like your body just wants to shut down, you feel terrible. And my mom-in-law who has faithfully been helping me with Sophia in the mornings has now started working. So I have been stressing about who will help with her, how I will sleep, wondering where is God in all this?

And this morning I had a so sweet package from my mom (now I'm tearing up)... she sent me a great book about enduring tough times, and a wonderful card. Mom, I love you. That was just perfect and so encouraging. I had not known really what to read -- but now I have a book to focus on for a quiet time.

So I was getting ready to go into Target-- and trying to figure out who would help with Sophia since I can't really pay someone or that would wipe out everything I made... So I realized I should just pray and ask. I prayed ... God, would you provide help for me. I know you are in the little details, and I need help with Sophia. I had texted my friend Erica earlier and while we were in the store she texted me back stepping right in to help me! She is going to drive to my house and take both kids... drop her boys and Luke to school, then watch Sophia while I sleep and bring her back in the afternoon. WOW! I can't express how much that helps me! Erica is that type of friend that will be there the extra mile and never even think twice about it. I love you Erica!

Thank you God for encouraging my heart today.


Erica said...

It is my responsibility and privilege to help you when you need it. That is why I am blessed to call you my friend! Cannot wait to get my hands on Sophia tomorrow!

Christina said...

I am so glad you have been blessed with a good friend to help you in this time of need! You know your sis's would be all over watching Pia if we were there! You are a strong person and though this will be a tough time, someday it will be all said and done and it will all be worth it! You are showing your children your strength and when they grow older they will respect you for it and want to follow in your footsteps! I will continue to pray for you about the nights! I have been there and know how tough it is! I, like you, were blessed with people that helped--couldn't have done it without them!


Leslie said...

I am so guilty about calling up my girlfriends asking for prayer for myself, when in reality, I haven't even taken it to the thrown on my own behalf. Glad you remembered to do this - God knows our needs, and promises to fullfill them. He is so much bigger than our little minds can comprehend and I always love seeing just how He works things out. Perfectly. Praying for you, sister!