Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what's goin on

We've been busy, thought I'd ramble about what's goin on. Still working on potty training with Luke. I bought him this Potty Watch... it plays a little song every 30,60, or 90 minutes (you choose) and it is helps me really remember to take him in there before he goes. I was getting frustrated last week b/c he knows when he poops and will not go in the potty. He is the only one still in Pull-ups at school; so I am hoping he gets it soon :) His mind travels so fast, I think it just is not on his priority list like it is mine!

We spent the Labor Day weekend at the beach. Saturday we "put up" 4 bushels of corn. For those of you who are not from the south, that would be: shucking, silking (removing the hairs), cutting (with some neat tools), and bagging the corn. This is a Crosby tradition and we had a good time. We ended up with about 12 bags to eat throughout the year. To cook it you simmer with a whole stick of butter, then add bacon grease (oh my!), and then evaporated milk towards the end. A yummy delight!

Wayne was layed off a month ago; but still working a ton. He is directing sales for some larger land tracts- but we don't know if they will or will not sell. So we are walking through that, and being challenged in faith during uncertain times. I had an interview last week for a personal training job. It was a big struggle for me, as I want to stay with the baby, but God I think was teaching me about Love and Submission (ouch). I should hear back this week about the job- I would do tuesday/thursday evening work which wouldn't be so bad and would help with the bills since NO houses are selling. I am praying that one of my sales go through too.

My parents bought our tickets to Michigan to come see everyone in a couple of weeks!! Very excited and thankful for that. Can't wait for my family to meet Sophia... and I get to meet my new nephew! Luke is excited for the airplane too. I am nervous about flying with two- more getting to the plane without a meltdown and screaming baby. But hopefully all will go well.


Ashleigh said...

Les, so sorry to hear Wayne was laid off. I'll be praying for you all. We walked through Ted being laid off almost 4 years ago, so I know it can be challenging. Feel free to email me if you want to chat at all. Love you all.

Oh, and enjoy your trip to Michigan!! How fun!

abbey said...

Les - we didn't know that about Wayne's job. We'll be praying for your family for sure. The great news is that the Lord is never distant from you and He provides for every need...whether it is through a steady job or through other means that may require a little more faith and trusting in Him. Take refuge in his faithfulness!

We're thankful for you guys :) Have fun on your family vacation!

anne said...

Ah, potty training adventures!!

Praying for you guys, that Wayne finds a new job.

Have a great vacation!!! Will be praying for you.

Les said...

Thanks guys...