Friday, April 4, 2008

Road Trip

We are heading out this afternoon for a road trip to Florida's Santa Rosa Beach. Located in the panhandle where we will find bahamas like white sand beaches, clear water, and hopefully some warm sun! And driving we are... Wayne and I have never taken a road trip actually/ we usually fly. But we are taking his mom, and decided to stop half way in Savannah GA to visit some of his family there too on the way.

Looking forward to some time together as a fam. Wayne could really use some R&R with the workload he has been carrying. His best friend Tim and wife Kathy I believe will also be coming up to see us, so that will be so nice also.


Ashleigh said...

Sounds relaxing! Have fun! Oh, and enjoy the stop over in Savannah. Ted wants to go there someday. We finally decided we're naming this new baby "Savannah." Are you guys any closer on a name?

Paul, Jess & Elise said...

Les...I wish we had known about your trip...we could've arranged to meet up with you somewhere along the way and exchange hugs!!! We are in Columbia SC now. Oh well...maybe in the would be fun to see you again.

abbey said...

That house looks sweet! Hope you guys have a great time!