Monday, April 21, 2008

Mini Van Mom???

So I was one of those people who swore they would never drive a minivan... but I think I may have changed my mind. We rented a van to drive down for our trip to Florida; one with the two bucket seats in the middle row. Luke's seat went nicely into one bucket; clipped his dvd player conveniently in front of him.... and there was so much room! You can fold down the back seat into the floor for even more room too. Now I know why people drive vans. Plus with Wayne's SUV, once we add baby we won't really have room for anyone else to ride- so I am thinking about a Toyota Sienna. A 2003 or 2004 with low miles. What do you think about vans girls??


Ashleigh said...

We've had a Nissan Quest for the last two years and I LOVE it! I personally think mini vans are great because I'm able to fit the kids (soon all three carseats) as well as stroller, groceries, etc.

Billie said...

We are right there with ya. The station wagon is totally maxed out right now. I will miss that thing.

Sarah said...

I swore I'd never drive one either, but we got a Nissan Quest last August. I love it. Plenty of room for both kids, double stroller and groceries!