Thursday, March 25, 2010

He Got In!

A couple weeks ago we got a letter basically saying Luke was "qualified" for the kindergarten we were trying to get him in... but they were full :( I was sooooo bummed. We had been waiting for months through the app process and I really felt like it was the right place for him to go. A way for me to give him a great jump start into his education. So I was way bummed and doubtful that someone might decline and a spot would open up.

I talked to his current dayschool about him staying there so we could re-apply for kindergarten when he was 6-- but then it kind of made next year like a long waiting period- yuck

But then yesterday at the gym- caller ID said the school was calling! My stomach dropped- and sure enough the admit lady said a spot had opened up and they wanted to offer it to LUKE ! ! !

I have been on a cloud 9 high for like 48 hours! This was seriously like a college application
So once we get the contract--- my boy will be kindergarten bound

SO thankful, I really feel like God heard my prayers over the last 6 months-- and to be let down and gifted the spot was even more a blessing

So excited

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