Sunday, September 13, 2009

Race Fan, Would you have guessed?

Dear old Daddy came into town thursday night to hang for the weekend. How fun! We have been going to a Nascar race together for like 10 years or so we figured out! We always have a great time going early... tailgating.... eating dad's famous race track burgers.... doing some shopping (note my new visor!)... and watching the race of course
That first lap of green flag when 40 cars speed by at 180mph.... no feeling like it! The engine sounds are so loud they vibrate to your core and it is SO COOL!! So no knocking nascar b/c now you know I am a fan... go 88!!
Thanks dad for coming and treating me to a special day... we will miss you when you go tomorrow :(

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anne said...

woohoo!! Believe it or not, we are nascar fans here!!!! :)