Friday, June 20, 2008

Two Weeks In...

We reached two weeks old in my little one's life. Everything is going pretty well! We had a rough start more with Luke-- disobeying everything I said and being really bad. But with some discipline and new time out chair he seems to be coming around to his normal self. Poor guy was used to being the center of attention I know.

Sophia had her first real bath today... she did quite well. I thought she would scream b/c she hates being naked, and when her diaper is wet or dirty. But she did well... just a little crying until I took her out. My mom bought her a beautiful pottery barn crib set. I love it so much-- thanks mom! She doesn't like lying flat on her back though. I keep putting her in each day and hope she gets more used to it. Right now she sleeps in the swing (but not swinging) and that is where she rests the best.

It is different with two... two baths, two diapers (hopefully not too much longer), twice as long it seems to get out of the house and in the car :) I give myself 20-30 min to get loaded up now b/c inevitably one is crying or pooped!

My mom is her until tuesday; she has been such a help with kitchen cleaning and holding the baby at night. I will be sad to see her go! And my niece Kaela too. That extra set of hands is so helpful. Will post more pics when I get my camera to download :)


Billie said...

I will be praying for you Les. You're a great Mom and you'll get used to life with two. God will give you grace for each day. love you.

Ginger said...

oh girl--it was the same with Reid!! I feel for you!