Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be My Valentine

Well Happy Valentines Day to all :) Do you feel loved today?
I have had a great day. Luke and I hung out this morning. Nanny took him for a little while I looked at a few properties-- then I got to have lunch with my Sweetie. Not too many times do we get to hang out during the day, really had a good time. We went to Bravo which was a treat. Their salad is sooooo good. Wayne gave me Chocolate from 'The Royal Chocolate'. A little chocolate store in the new VB Town Center area. They have great dark chocolate and our favorite is one with cornflakes in it. So good- you have to try! He bought Luke a chocolate covered rice krispie treat on a stick, which lasted about 2 minutes :)
Love you All!

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Katherine M. said...

Happy Valentines Day, Leslie. I'm glad that you had such a delightful day. I'll have to get some of that dark chocolate for my sweetie. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I'd still love to meet you for coffee sometime soon.