Friday, December 21, 2007

More Atlantis Pics

We asked Luke "Do you want to go home?"... "No, I stay in Da Hamas"... Smart Guy !
One of the three or four kiddie pools... Luke who usually loves the water found more interest in getting rocks and sticks from around the palm trees and using them for his swords :) The last day was the day he got into the water and did the baby slide and didn't want to get out. Too bad we had to leave :(
They also had several beach areas- got him a little back pack of toys which he had a blast with.

I think everyone takes their picture in this chair :)
One of the manta rays... they have walls of these huge aquariums. We ate dinner close by one night and a guy had an Atlantis diver dive in the tank and hold up a poster that said will you marry me... then he proposed to his shocked and surprised wife who said yes! And a thousand people clapped. Talk about romantic!

This bahamas street band was awesome... so LOUD and fun. We followed them all through the streets- Wayne and I love it.
View of the Yachts... boy were there some big ones.
On the Beach
This is the arch that is kind of famous... I think it goes for over $10,000 a night or something crazy.


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I love all your pictures. I want to go. Looks fun and warm. love you.