Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healthy Strides

Here is my currently fav salad that I make for lunch: baby spinach leaf and romaine lettuce, yellow pepper (love), several cherry tomatoes, small grilled chicken breast with herbs (I make 5 and keep in fridge), sprinkle of toasted pumpkin/sunflower seeds (keep on hand in a jar), and a toss of Trader joes Golden Berry blend (raisins, cherries, cranberries & blueberries- Super Yum)
And top it with some Annie's Organic Cowgirl Ranch Dressing

Loving this salad.

Wayne made a big step and started the Metabolic Balance diet program. It's an all natural weight loss program- and I like it b/c it is very specific with the foods you can eat at each meal. Takes out the stress of having to choose from so much. So I can prep his breakfast and lunch pretty easily now that I have the hang of it. I am so proud- he has followed the program to a T for 10 days now and already lost 17 pounds ! !! ! Totally recommend this for a lifestyle change and someone who needs to lose 30+ pounds.

It had got us all eating healthy and exercising more!

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The LeValley Family said...

Stopped by for a visit! Great job on the health food!!! If you guys are ever in SC, let us know and we can get together!!!